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The Cancelling of Slate Star Codex, with Tom Chivers

At the weekend, the New York Times published a long awaited article about one of the world's most celebrated blogs, Slate Star Codex, a central node of the influential rationalist community.

Called 'Silicon Valley's Safe Space', it was widely criticised as an inaccurate hit piece:

This is an interview with Tom Chivers, the writer of 'The Rationalist's Guide to the Galaxy', on the backstory to the controversy. What does this say about the ongoing crisis of journalism, and tensions with the tech sector.

The New Yorker wrote a more well-received piece on SSC here:

Connection & Covid with Gabor Maté: Wisdom Gym

Dr Gabor Maté is a bestselling author and one of the world's leading voices in the science of the mind-body connection, healing addiction and transforming trauma. In this episode of the Wisdom Gym, he talks about how the pandemic is affecting our ability to connect, and what we can do in relation to it. He also demonstrates a powerful psychotherapeutic approach he has developed called Compassionate Inquiry, and answers audience questions.


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The Dark Side of Spirituality, Alex Ebert & Jules Evans

What is the link between spirituality and eugenics? What is the dark side of spirituality?

This conversation brings together Alex Ebert, singer and songwriter for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and Jules Evans, philosopher and writer.

Jules will be doing a series of exclusive talks for the Rebel Wisdom Digital Campfire starting Thursday 11th February, to join, check here:

The Q Anon ‘Shaman’ & The Return of the Mythic

In the last week so many of the topics that Rebel Wisdom has been covering burst onto the world stage, the birth of new religions, the overlap between spirituality and conspiracy/Q Anon, and more, all personified in the iconic image of the Q Anon Shaman, leading the mob that stormed the seat of American democracy.

In this film, we try to pull apart the deeper strands of mythology, religious fervour and high weirdness with three experts in the esoteric, Erik Davis, Gary Lachman and Jules Evans.

We will have a Sensemaker's Q&A on this topic on Wednesday 20th January at 8pm UK, to join, check out memberships:

Now WTF is going on? American Meltdown Edition

In this latest film in Rebel Wisdom's Sensemaking Series, David Fuller attempts to make sense of an astonishing week for America and the world. From the scenes in the US Capitol, Q Anon making the final leap from fringe conspiracy theory to the centre of American government, to the reaction of big tech, Twitter booting Donald Trump and the demise of Parler.

In this talk and Q&A for the Rebel Wisdom Community, David tries to tease out the complexities of the situation, and how multiple narratives are clashing, and the fracture of the information landscape.

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Links to news stories and podcasts discussed in the film:

The Rise of Psychedelic Capitalism

Psychedelics are going mainstream. With landmark studies in the last decade showing their incredible potential in treating serious mental health conditions, 2020 saw a goldrush of investment. But what are the implications as psychedelics move from the counterculture to the boardroom? In this short documentary, Alexander Beiner speaks to leading experts in the field - from clinicians and CEO's to shamans and philosophers - to ask what the rise of psychedelic capitalism means for the future of culture and medicine.
Includes interviews with Dr. Rosalind Watts (clinical lead of Imperial College's groundbreaking psilocybin for depression study), Erik Davis (author of Techgnosis and High Weirdness), Jamie Wheal (author of Stealing Fire), Kat Conour of the Auryn Project, Bill Linton (CEO of The Usona Institute) and Shipibo shaman Jose Lopez Sanchez among others.
Are we seeing the birth of a new era in mental health care, or late capitalism’s sneakiest cash grab yet? Turn on and tune in to find out.
We'll be hosting a live Q&A in our community with some guests from this film on Wednesday, 13 Jan. Find out more about membership on
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Decoding Culture: New Religions. Jonathan Pageau & Jules Evans

In the first episode of 'Decoding Culture', Alexander Beiner is joined by Jonathan Pageau and Jules Evans to discuss whether we're witnessing the birth of major new religions in 2020. In a three way conversation, we try to make sense of cultural phenomena like Wokeism and Conspirituality to figure out whether they're historical blips, new forms of religious worship, or something else entirely.
Jules Evans is the bestselling author of 'Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations' and has recently popularised the term 'Conspirituality' to explain the strange union of new age and far right ideas in 2020. Find him on
Jonathan Pageau is the host of 'The Symbolic World', a popular YouTube channel in which he explores symbolism in religion, art as well as in general and popular culture. You can find him on
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Art, Race and Transformation, Chloe Valdary

Chloe Valdary uses art and literature to teach empathy, depolarisation and anti-racism. But not anti-racism as practiced by the likes of Ibram Kendi or Robin DiAngelo (White Fragility).
In fact, she believes that Critical Race Theory is a betrayal of the artistic heritage of Black America. In this conversation with Rebel Wisdom's David Fuller, they cover the legacy of black art, the inheritance of Martin Luther King and much more.
Chloe's work can be found here:
Rebel Wisdom's Sensemaking course launches again in February, check it out here:

Creating Community During Covid, Rich Bartlett

The pandemic has led a lot of people to rethink every aspect of their lives, where they work, where they live, who they live with.
Rich Bartlett says it's created a huge boost in the number of people who say they want to create community. But it's not so easy.
Rich has spent the last decade or so looking at why communities succeed, why they fail, and how to create methods of connection and growth.
Together with his wife Nati, they run workshops in 'Microsolidarity'.
Starting on Thursday 10th December, they will be running an exclusive four session course for Rebel Wisdom members - to join this, and many other sessions, check:

WTF is Going On? If Everything is Far Right Then Nothing Is

Why is Rebel Wisdom listed as 'far right' in a new academic study? Does it point to a major crisis in sensemaking in mainstream institutions?
In this latest edition of the Sensemaking Series, we take a look at the questions raised by this report, from academics at places like Harvard, Santa Fe Institute, University of Pennsylvania and more.
Transparency Tube:
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Dave Rubin Interview:
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