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A Time Between Worlds, Zak Stein

Zak is an influential voice among those wrestling with the deep problems with the source code of our culture, and he is particularly focused on the problems of learning and education.
We welcomed Zak to this Digital Campfire event, where we will dive into his concept of a "Time Between Worlds". His piece a year ago, "A War Broke out in Heaven" caused a stir, proposing that "We are being shaped by vast and complex forces into becoming new kinds of people:
He is also a co-founder of the Consilience Project with Daniel Schmachtenberger:
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Jordan Petersonitis, Jonathan Rowson

Jonathan Rowson is a philosopher and chess grandmaster, who did an interview with Jordan Peterson at the Royal Society for the Arts in January 2018.
In the aftermath he received a lot of criticism online from Peterson's fans, and spent six months trying to make sense of his interaction with the 'Peterson Phenomenon'. This took the form of a long essay, trying to wrestle with what he called 'Petersonitis':
Now, more than three years on, he talks through the experience with Rebel Wisdom's David Fuller, the creator of multiple films about the Peterson phenomenon. Full interview with Peterson at the RSA is here:
Rebel Wisdom is hosting a Q&A on this film with Jonathan in our Digital Campfire on Thursday 10th June, to join, become a member:
Check out Jonathan's project Perspectiva:

Facing Death with Stephen Jenkinson: Wisdom Gym

In this episode of the Wisdom Gym, we're joined by Stephen Jenkinson, best known as one of the world's leading commentators on our cultural attitudes to death. The author of 'Die Wise' and 'The Case for Elderhood in Times of Trouble', Jenkinson is also a musician, cultural activist and co-founder of a training school called Orphan Wisdom.
With a live audience of Rebel Wisdom members, he explored what it means to live in a death-phobic culture, how the pandemic has affected our attitudes to dying, and just how fundamental these attitudes are to our perception.
Learn more about Stephen's work on
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Psychedelic Capitalism: Debate with Compass Pathways Co-Founder

As psychedelics enter the mainstream, a lot of people are concerned that they're being captured by corporate interests.
In this debate, hosted by the Oxford University Psychedelic Society on 27 May, Alexander Beiner and Lars Wilde (President and Co-Founder of Compass Pathways) discussed the controversies surrounding Compass Pathways' patenting strategy, the future of the field and more.
The Oxford University Psychedelic Society run regular events, check them out on:
See our other films about psychedelic capitalism below: The Rise of Psychedelic Capitalism:
Endgame for the Psychedelic Renaissance? with Jamie Wheal:
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Pandemics & Podcasts, Heather Heying Q&A

Over the last year, Heather Heying and her husband Bret Weinstein have turned their podcast the Dark Horse, into a commentary on the pandemic.

It's a long way from their background as evolutionary biology professors at Evergreen college, which they were forced to leave in 2017. 

How has the journey been over the last year, and what can be learnt from it? 

This Q&A was recorded in April in the Rebel Wisdom Digital Campfire. To see upcoming events, and join conversations like this, check here:

Dark Horse podcast is here:

Lessons from the Brian Rose Implosion, with Nic Gabriel & Coffeezilla

What have we learnt from Brian Rose's spectacular London Mayor flameout, and assorted other scams? This was a conversation including Nic Gabriel, the original co-host of London Real, Coffeezilla, who has done so much to expose Brian over the last months, hosted by Rebel Wisdom in the Digital Campfire.

David Fuller has just written a new Medium piece summarising the unanswered questions about Brian's mayoral bid, in particular, whether any of the money from the 'Digital Freedom Platform' scam was used to fund it. Brian is threatening to sue anyone who makes that claim, by the way:

Check out the interview where Nic Gabriel broke his silence on Brian Rose & London Real:

Nic's 'Liberation Mentor' podcast:

Coffeezilla's channel:

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Alan Watts, ‘The Book: The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are’, with Tim Lott

Alan Watts is still considered one of the most penetrating and influential thinkers on the topic of spirituality, and played a pivotal role in introducing the west to Eastern religious thinking.
In this edition of the Rebel Wisdom Book Club, author and Watts expert Tim Lott discusses one of his most intriguing books, 'The Book: The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are'.
The Book Club is a monthly event hosted in Rebel Wisdom's Digital Campfire in front of a live audience. To join around eight sessions a month, and ask questions, starts from $10 per month. Check upcoming events here:
A pdf of The Book is available here:

What is a Live Player? Samo Burja

What is a Live Player? How does this concept help us make sense of the cultural landscape? Is becoming one important, maybe essential?

Samo Burja is a deep thinker with a talent for creating concepts that help make sense of the cultural landscape, such as 'Live Player', meaning a person or organisation capable of novelty, versus one only able to run existing scripts.

The pandemic, and the inept response to it has shown up how many institutions and organisations are now effectively 'dead players', and how hollow and dysfunctional many of our systems have become.

In this wide-ranging and inspiring conversation, Samo explains what turns live players into dead ones, the underlying psychology and dynamics at play, and how we might go about changing that process.

Rebel Wisdom is shortly to begin a new online journey, called Becoming a Live Player, led by David Fuller and Peter Limberg of The Stoa. We will explore the landscape together, and learn some of the most effective skills, practices and psychotechnologies from as many different sources (memetic tribes) as possible:

This conversation was recorded in the Rebel Wisdom Digital Campfire. To see what sessions and discussions are coming up, check here:

Samo Burja, 'About Me': "There has never been an immortal society. No matter how technologically advanced our own society is, it is unlikely to be an exception. To achieve a positive future that defies these odds, we must understand the hidden forces that shape society.

In 2017, I founded Bismarck Analysis, a consulting firm that investigates the political and institutional landscape of society. I’m a Research Fellow at the Long Now Foundation where I study how institutions can endure for centuries and millennia. I’m also Senior Research Fellow in Political Science at the Foresight Institute where I advise how institutions can shape the future of technology."

Reactionary Feminism? Mary Harrington

Mary recently took part in Rebel Wisdom's first 'Sex and Culture' event, where there was a great deal of interest in her concept of 'reactionary feminism'.
She returns to Rebel Wisdom for a showcase event in our Digital Campfire, in dialogue with Raven Connolly. She says: "The central contention of reactionary feminism is that the ideas of 'freedom' and 'progress' themselves are now delivering diminishing returns for all but a shrinking elite. And this is impacting especially severely on women, meaning that in order to remain true to the central task of feminism - advocating for women's political interests - feminists must turn against the theology of progress."
To join live and take part in conversations like this one, in Rebel Wisdom's Digital Campfire, check out the upcoming sessions here:
Mary is a writer and journalist. After graduating from Oxford University in 2002 with a first-class degree in English Literature, she was an early adopter of millennial precarity, via a twenties spent experimenting with gig economy work, intentional communities, gender nonconformity and unconventional relationship forms.
Along the way she discovered digital culture and web 2.0, co-founding the digital learning marketplace ‘School of Everything’; working as a researcher with the New York-based digital culture think tank ‘The Institute for the Future of the Book’; and curating cult art events.
After the crash of 2008 she worked in marketing while training as a psychotherapist, before discovering marriage, motherhood and small town life - along with an audience as a writer via her political blog. Her writing has been published by the New Statesman, The Spectator and Mail on Sunday, and she is a contributing editor at the influential online magazine UnHerd.

Recapture the Rapture, Jamie Wheal

In the face of multiple existential threats, and a pervasive crisis of meaning, how can we reconnect to our deepest purpose and what techniques and practices can help us reboot.

Jamie Wheal is launching his new book, Recapture the Rapture, based on three principles: Choose Your Own Apocalypse, The Alchemist's Cookbook and Ethical Cult Building.

Rebel Wisdom is co-hosting the launch party for the book with Jamie on Wednesday 28th April with guests including Gabor Mate, Dennis McKenna, Douglas Rushkoff, Diane Musho Hamilton, Tyson Yunkaporta, Daniel Schmachtenberger and many more.

You can get an invite through Flow Genome Project by buying the book:

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