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London Real and How Societies Collapse

October 30, 2020

In April, Rebel Wisdom ran a series of investigations into London Real's suspicious 'Digital Freedom Platform' fundraiser.

Now the head of London Real, Brian Rose, has announced that he's running for Mayor of London. Meanwhile he's been deleting a load of his old videos and much more.

What does the story of Brian Rose say about our society? What does it have in common with cult dynamics? And what is the 'sociopathic niche'?

Original Investigation:

This film has clips from: The Paradox of the Times, Jordan Hall:

How to spot a cult, Jamie Wheal:

Converting Moloch from Sith to Jedi w/ Daniel Schmachtenberger (The Stoa):

Brian Rose is Running for Mayor - I PREDICTED THIS!? (Coffeezilla):

The King of Free Speech CENSORED Me! (Coffeezilla):