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Sensemaking the ‘Lab Leak’, Rebel Wisdom

June 18, 2021
In the last few weeks, the suggestion that the Covid virus emerged from a lab in Wuhan instead of the wild has gone from 'fringe conspiracy theory', to 'possibility' to 'most likely explanation' for many mainstream media outlets.
At the same time, the way that the 'consensus' position was created and defended has been laid bare. This is a hugely important story that touches on many of the topics we've covered on Rebel Wisdom, the problems of Sensemaking, the manipulation of the information landscape by powerful actors, and the value of decentralised collective intelligence as an alternative sensemaking force.
In this film, we hear from some of the main players, and try to tell the story so far. This is a hugely complex story, which we have been researching for several months.
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