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The Evolving Conversation, John Vervaeke & Peter Limberg

August 27, 2020
How do we have conversations that can go into new territory? John Vervaeke and Peter Limberg are enmarked on a project to revive the ancient practice of 'dialogos', a form of dialogue that created the first wave of Greek philosophy.
Peter Limberg will be leading a session for the Rebel Wisdom Community this Thursday, on the topic of Memetic Mediation, more details below, to take part, become a Rebel Wisdom Member.
John Vervaeke has become known to many through his series 'Awakening From the Meaning Crisis'. Since the release of this grand history of thought, he has turned his attention to the process of how we come to generate new ideas; dialogue and dialectic.
Peter Limberg runs The Stoa, and is the Rebel Wisdom Toronto Correspondent:
In this wide-ranging and fascinating discussion, they talk about where the cutting edge of the evolving conversation is at, and the necessity to cultivate new skills to move forward.
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Peter's Session: The Psychodynamic is Political, The Art of Memetic Meditation with Peter Limberg - Thursday 27th 7PM EST/ 4PM PST/ 12AM UK/ 9AM Fri Eastern Australia
As a whole, we are not only becoming politically and philosophically divergent, we are becoming increasingly fragmented. Multiple worldviews of how the world "is" and "ought" to be are co-existing, and this co-existence is not a peaceful one.
The build-up towards the 2020 election in American is seeing to an intensification of our culture war, and because of this we are seeing memetic violence turn kinetic. How can we wise rebels address this? Memetic mediation, the ability to mediate amongst radically different worldviews by taking on a multitude of perspectives, might hold the key.
Before mediating between "memetic tribes" however, one will have to address their own internal conflict. The psychodynamic is political. If one cannot get into the right relationship with themselves, and the various subpersonalities they consist of, they won't be able to help others get into the right relationship with each other.
In this interactive session, Peter Limberg will introduce the concept of memetic mediation, followed by various practices that will help us sniff out our "philosophical allergies", in service to learning how to be responsive rather than reactive in the culture war. 90 mins.