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The Metaverse: Facebook vs Sci-Fi with Damien Walter

November 8, 2021

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced plans to create a new VR 'Metaverse', psychedelic sci-fi classic Dune is the film of the moment, and the super-rich are trying to colonise Mars. The influence of science fiction on culture seems stronger than ever - but why does it matter?

In this conversation in the Rebel Wisdom digital campfire, Alexander Beiner talks with sci-fi expert Damien Walter - star of our recent film 'Dune & The Deeper Meaning of Sci-Fi' and host of the host of the Science Fiction Podcast. The conversation explores just how influential science fiction has been on Silicon Valley, what sci-fi myths can tell us about ourselves, and what we can learn from our most out there visions of utopia and dystopia.

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