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Art, Race and Transformation, Chloe Valdary

Chloe Valdary uses art and literature to teach empathy, depolarisation and anti-racism. But not anti-racism as practiced by the likes of Ibram Kendi or Robin DiAngelo (White Fragility).
In fact, she believes that Critical Race Theory is a betrayal of the artistic heritage of Black America. In this conversation with Rebel Wisdom's David Fuller, they cover the legacy of black art, the inheritance of Martin Luther King and much more.
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Creating Community During Covid, Rich Bartlett

The pandemic has led a lot of people to rethink every aspect of their lives, where they work, where they live, who they live with.
Rich Bartlett says it's created a huge boost in the number of people who say they want to create community. But it's not so easy.
Rich has spent the last decade or so looking at why communities succeed, why they fail, and how to create methods of connection and growth.
Together with his wife Nati, they run workshops in 'Microsolidarity'.
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WTF is Going On? If Everything is Far Right Then Nothing Is

Why is Rebel Wisdom listed as 'far right' in a new academic study? Does it point to a major crisis in sensemaking in mainstream institutions?
In this latest edition of the Sensemaking Series, we take a look at the questions raised by this report, from academics at places like Harvard, Santa Fe Institute, University of Pennsylvania and more.
Transparency Tube:
Films featured or mentioned. WTF is Going On (Sensemaking Series):
Dave Rubin Interview:
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Dealing with Spiritual Emergency, Dr Tim Read

Spiritual Emergency is the name given to a psychological crisis with spiritual overtones. It was coined by the psychologist Stan Grof in the 1970s.

Dr Tim Read is a leading psychiatrist and is also trained as a holotropic breathwork practitioner with Stan Grof. He was Consultant at the Royal London Hospital for over twenty years leading the Liaison Psychiatry service and the Crisis Intervention service.

In this discussion with Rebel Wisdom's David Fuller, they talk about the phenomenon of spiritual emergency and how to navigate in altered states.

Flow & Transformation, Q&A with Jamie Wheal

Jamie Wheal is a long time friend of Rebel Wisdom, the creator of the Flow Genome Project, author of 'Stealing Fire', and the upcoming 'Recapture the Rapture'.
In this member Q&A he talks about the nature of flow, whether mainstream culture is also a cult, and much more.
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Dialogue Across Divides, John Wood Jr

In the wake of the US election, the political divisions are as deep as ever. How can we hope to build dialogue across those divides?
John Wood Jr is the ambassador for Braver Angels, a grassroots organisation that tries to mediate between the different warring tribes.
What techniques work, and what kind of narratives might unite us?
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John Wood, Jr. is a former nominee for congress whose written work has been featured in publications including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Examiner and Quillette Magazine. A noted speaker on the subject of political and racial reconciliation, Wood is director of public outreach and national ambassador for Braver Angels. He lives in South Los Angeles with his wife and three children.

Charles Eisenstein, Sensemaker Q&A

Charles Eisenstein is one of the world's most interesting thinkers on the nexus between systems change, spirituality and transformation.
The author of books including 'The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible', he was the star of a recent Rebel Wisdom film 'An Epidemic of Control':
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Narrative Collapse? With Paul VanderKlay

Paul VanderKlay recently released a film 'Why is YouTube Boring?' that sparked a discussion about the collapse of narrative.
In this conversation Paul and David trace their background with Jordan Peterson and the Intellectual Dark Web, and ask where the novelty and interest went.
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Personal Growth that Doesn’t Suck, Mark Manson

Why is so much Personal Growth advice ineffective and cringeworthy?
Mark Manson is a hugely popular blogger and bestselling author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck and Everything is F*cked, a Book About Hope.
In this conversation with Rebel Wisdom's David Fuller he talks about how you can't wish yourself into a better life, the value of hardship and suffering, and his fascinating background in the world of pickup artistry, and what happened to that subculture.
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Symbols & the Meaning Crisis, John Vervaeke & Jonathan Pageau

John Vervaeke and Jonathan Pageau are two of the most fascinating thinkers engaged in the deepest questions of meaning, religion and culture.
In this dialogue and Q&A, they cover topics like the future of Christianity, symbology & culture, and the meaning of gnosticism.
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Jonathan Pageau is an expert on religious symbolism, which he discusses on his channel The Symbolic World:
John Vervaeke is a professor of psychology and cognitive science at Toronto University, and the creator of the hit YouTube series, Awakening From the Meaning Crisis:
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