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The Weirdest People in the World with Joseph Henrich

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you're WEIRD - raised in a culture which is Western, Educated, Industrialised, Rich, Democratic. Joseph Henrich is professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard University and a pioneer in the study of WEIRD psychology - how it evolved, its unique characteristics, and why we need to understand it. 

In this session in the Rebel Wisdom Campfire, Henrich joined us to discuss his book 'The Weirdest People in the World' - drawing on cutting-edge research in anthropology, psychology, economics, and evolutionary biology to explore how incorporating WEIRD psychology into our sensemaking can give us a new lens on our own psychology, history and culture.

Check out The Weirdest People in the World here:

Check out 'Indigenous Narcissism' by Alexander Beiner which links Henrich's work to some of the topics we've explored on the channel:

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Medicines, Censorship, Quillette & the Dark Horse, a sensemaking dialogue

There has been a lot of heat recently around YouTube censoring Bret Weinstein's Dark Horse podcast discussions around the vaccines and the drug Ivermectin.

Yesterday Quillette published an article highly critical of Bret co-authored by Yuri Deigin, one of the researchers who uncovered evidence on the 'lab leak' hypothesis and a former guest on Bret's podcast:

This was a discussion about the deeper issues at play, the difficulties of finding truth and why the different narratives around these issues don't seem to come into contact with each other.


It was a dialogue held in the Rebel Wisdom Digital Campfire including Max Borders, the executive director of Social Evolution, a non-profit startup dedicated to liberating people and solving social problems through innovation, and Joshua Zader, an online entrepreneur with a background in clinical psychology and a passion for circling.

Medicine, Censorship & Truth, Zubin Damania

Zubin Damania, AKA ZDoggMD is a Stanford-trained MD who became something of a medical star during Covid. 

In this conversation with Rebel Wisdom's David Fuller they discuss the difficulty in finding truth online, the rise in censorship by the big tech platforms, and also his keen interest in the future of healthcare and his interest in spirituality and awakening.

This was a fascinating conversation. Zubin will be joining our Digital Campfire for a member's Q&A on July 14th, to join that call check out membership options here:

Check out Zubin's website here:

Making Sense in 2021: Daniel Schmachtenberger, John Vervaeke, Sara Ness & Doshin Roshi

What are Daniel Schmachtenberger, John Vervaeke, Sara Ness & Doshin Roshi trying to make sense of right now? We catch up with the faculty of our online course, Sensemaking 101, to find out what questions they've been wresting with recently.

We also discuss how we think the information landscape has shifted in the last 6 months, reflect on the challenges of figuring out how to navigate the complexity and weirdness of 2021, and share which practices we've found essential in improving agency, sovereignty and discernment.  

Sensemaking 101 has an average rating of 90% from over a thousand alumni. Our next course starts on July 8 - read more and book your place on 

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Sensemaking the ‘Lab Leak’, Rebel Wisdom

In the last few weeks, the suggestion that the Covid virus emerged from a lab in Wuhan instead of the wild has gone from 'fringe conspiracy theory', to 'possibility' to 'most likely explanation' for many mainstream media outlets.
At the same time, the way that the 'consensus' position was created and defended has been laid bare. This is a hugely important story that touches on many of the topics we've covered on Rebel Wisdom, the problems of Sensemaking, the manipulation of the information landscape by powerful actors, and the value of decentralised collective intelligence as an alternative sensemaking force.
In this film, we hear from some of the main players, and try to tell the story so far. This is a hugely complex story, which we have been researching for several months.
We have put together a comprehensive briefing document alongside our latest newsletter, to receive it, check this link:

A Time Between Worlds, Zak Stein

Zak is an influential voice among those wrestling with the deep problems with the source code of our culture, and he is particularly focused on the problems of learning and education.
We welcomed Zak to this Digital Campfire event, where we will dive into his concept of a "Time Between Worlds". His piece a year ago, "A War Broke out in Heaven" caused a stir, proposing that "We are being shaped by vast and complex forces into becoming new kinds of people:
He is also a co-founder of the Consilience Project with Daniel Schmachtenberger:
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Jordan Petersonitis, Jonathan Rowson

Jonathan Rowson is a philosopher and chess grandmaster, who did an interview with Jordan Peterson at the Royal Society for the Arts in January 2018.
In the aftermath he received a lot of criticism online from Peterson's fans, and spent six months trying to make sense of his interaction with the 'Peterson Phenomenon'. This took the form of a long essay, trying to wrestle with what he called 'Petersonitis':
Now, more than three years on, he talks through the experience with Rebel Wisdom's David Fuller, the creator of multiple films about the Peterson phenomenon. Full interview with Peterson at the RSA is here:
Rebel Wisdom is hosting a Q&A on this film with Jonathan in our Digital Campfire on Thursday 10th June, to join, become a member:
Check out Jonathan's project Perspectiva:

Facing Death with Stephen Jenkinson: Wisdom Gym

In this episode of the Wisdom Gym, we're joined by Stephen Jenkinson, best known as one of the world's leading commentators on our cultural attitudes to death. The author of 'Die Wise' and 'The Case for Elderhood in Times of Trouble', Jenkinson is also a musician, cultural activist and co-founder of a training school called Orphan Wisdom.
With a live audience of Rebel Wisdom members, he explored what it means to live in a death-phobic culture, how the pandemic has affected our attitudes to dying, and just how fundamental these attitudes are to our perception.
Learn more about Stephen's work on
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Psychedelic Capitalism: Debate with Compass Pathways Co-Founder

As psychedelics enter the mainstream, a lot of people are concerned that they're being captured by corporate interests.
In this debate, hosted by the Oxford University Psychedelic Society on 27 May, Alexander Beiner and Lars Wilde (President and Co-Founder of Compass Pathways) discussed the controversies surrounding Compass Pathways' patenting strategy, the future of the field and more.
The Oxford University Psychedelic Society run regular events, check them out on:
See our other films about psychedelic capitalism below: The Rise of Psychedelic Capitalism:
Endgame for the Psychedelic Renaissance? with Jamie Wheal:
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Pandemics & Podcasts, Heather Heying Q&A

Over the last year, Heather Heying and her husband Bret Weinstein have turned their podcast the Dark Horse, into a commentary on the pandemic.

It's a long way from their background as evolutionary biology professors at Evergreen college, which they were forced to leave in 2017. 

How has the journey been over the last year, and what can be learnt from it? 

This Q&A was recorded in April in the Rebel Wisdom Digital Campfire. To see upcoming events, and join conversations like this, check here:

Dark Horse podcast is here:

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