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Will Magic Mushrooms Be Legalised? with David Nutt, Crispin Blunt & Tom Eckert

November 29, 2021

Are the UK and US about to legalise magic mushrooms? A number of cities and states in the US have decriminalised psychedelics, and recent headlines in the UK have reported that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is thinking of rescheduling psilocybin.

But 50 years into the war on drugs, is widespread legalisation a real possibility? In this film Alexander Beiner speaks with three experts to find out. Professor David Nutt heads up Drug Science, the UK’s leading independent body on drugs. Crispin Blunt is a British Member of Parliament campaigning to reschedule psilocybin. Tom Eckert co-led the campaign to successfully legalise psilocybin therapy in Oregon, providing a model for how legalisation campaigns of the might look.

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